Aircraft Remarketing

When listing a new aircraft in the marketplace, mba-as cultivates and manages a global remarketing effort and uses a variety of endeavors to obtain offers for purchase of the aircraft.

Aircraft Sourcing

mba-as and it’s sister company, mba, are well known in the industry for their ability to provide detailed market analysis and studies to identify the best aircraft for the mission.

Parts Sales

mba-as offers comprehensive spare parts sales either from existing or created inventories. This includes detailed analysis as to the true market value of the inventory in piece part or batches as prescribed by the client.

Slot Brokering

Gaining access to the right airport at the opportune moment plays a pivotal role in any airline’s strategic business plan. Whether the objective is a new market entry or reinforcing your market position, mba aircraft solutions’ brokering services can help.

Financing Advisory

MBA innovative finance structures provide investors with new sources of capital at lower costs. In doing so, we are able to provide airlines with unrivaled sources of capital in flexible structures while minimizing residual value risks. Furthermore, we provide access to aircraft and airline management firms.

Bankruptcy Support

mba-as’ extensive work for investors and creditors to bankruptcies include asset valuation, auction, brokering/remarketing and repossession, as well as deficiency claim valuation, and damages calculations.

Available Aircraft/Engines

2012 VintageTrent 772B-60/16


A330-300 Avail for Lease

For Sale YOM: 0 Engine: RB211-535E4B Available: Immediately


Rolls Royce RB211 (2)

MSN 24582

For Sale YOM: 1990 Engine: RB211-535E4B Available: Immediately


Boeing 757-200 Airframe

MSN 23180

For Sale YOM: 1984 Engine: JT9D-7R4E Available: Immediately

B767-200ER Business Class

Boeing 767-200ER

MSN 14760

For Sale YOM: 2010 Engine: PT6B-37A Available: Immediately

AW119 MKII picture


MSN 14756

For Sale YOM: 2010 Engine: PT6B-37A Available: Immediately

AW119 MKII picture


Available Aircraft/Engines

Aircraft Available
Aircraft Sold
Engines Available
Engines Sold

mba aircraft solutions (“mba-as”) is the sister firm of morten beyer & agnew, an established leader in the aviation services field, and is well known by aircraft investors for providing tailored due diligence and financial support on both the buyer and seller side of transactions.

mba-as’ added value comes from an ability to re-market aircraft using its knowledge of the market and its understanding of the complexities surrounding aircraft transactions, both technical and financial, to constructively advise clients.

In addition to Aircraft Re-marketing, mba-as offers turn-key solutions for selling engines and parts, slot brokering, and sourcing aircraft.